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Millions of people are in danger of starving — and there’s something you can do about it.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put people all over the world on the edge of starvation. There is an immediate need for relief and resources for those around the world who are hungry. 

We need your help to address this crisis. For only $50, we can feed a family for a month and prevent tragedy.

Want to get involved to help the hunger crisis?

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your community involved and be fully equipped to take action during this crisis.


Coronavirus has exhausted the resources of vulnerable communities.

The number of people at risk of starvation worldwide has skyrocketed by 161 million due to the pandemic. This brings the number of people hungry worldwide from 650 million in 2019 to 811 million currently. This is due to two unavoidable realities: lack of available work and rising prices due to food shortages.

According to a report released by Innocenti and the World Food Programme, more than 39 billion in-school meals have been missed globally since the start of the pandemic due to school closures.

Pandemic restrictions and layoffs impacted communities all over the world, especially those who depend on daily work to support their families. The results have been devastating.



million children

are no longer receiving nutritious school meals, reducing their resistance to illness.

These same economic effects are also impacting the amount of food available. Creation and distribution channels have been hit hard, causing the price of food to skyrocket.

These factors, combined with a lack of financial resources, make it difficult for Foursquare pastors around the world to help their communities survive.

Foursquare Disaster Relief is responding, but we need your help.

We are sending much-needed relief to Foursquare pastors from our global church and, Foursquare Missions International missionary workers around the world, so they can help their communities access food and fight starvation.

The good news is The Foursquare Church is already positioned to help those most in need. We bring aid through channels long established in the communities: local churches, led by Foursquare pastors and Foursquare Missions International workers and missionaries. With the partnership of all of us together, we can get aid to regions and communities otherwise inaccessible.


Where We Respond

Your gift will have a real, immediate impact on those most in need.

Your gift today will feed families who otherwise would have gone hungry. It will prevent starvation and all the horrible health issues that come with it. We aren’t just providing food, we are giving families a sense of hope and security when they need it most. 

Please, give today and help us show our brothers and sisters around the world that we love them and we will not abandon them.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

- Galatians 6:2

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