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Urgent Support Needed with Map of Country

Afghan Refugee Response

Life is grim in Afghanistan as the Taliban reasserts control. Despite their public commitment to remain moderate, we see signs of returning to historic hard-line rule. Many people within the country now find themselves in danger: women, Christians, and anyone who may have aided a foreign power during the occupation. 

We are working closely with our Foursquare churches in Albania and Turkey to help refugees who left their country with only the clothes on their backs.

What is happening in Afghanistan?

  • The Taliban in Afghanistan has gained control of the country and many find themselves in danger.
  • Refugees from Afghanistan have fled to Albania and Turkey for safety.
  • 30,000 refugees are living in Turkey right now.

How we are helping in Afghanistan?

  • Turkish and Albanian Foursquare churches are helping meet the physical and spiritual needs of Afghani refugees.
  • FDR is distributing food, clothing, hygiene packs, and medicine. Additionally, FDR is partnering with the local churches to provide language lessons and job training.

Ways to Get Involved



The people of Afghanistan need your prayer. Please pray for their safety, especially as many attempt to flee the country.



As of now, there are no volunteer opportunities to go to Albania or Turkey but we will announce as soon as they are available.


Donate to help the people of Afghanistan

Your donation will go towards helping Afghan refugees as they leave the country and seek to make a safer life for their families.

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Afghanistan Aid — Frequently Asked Questions

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