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Give now to Turkey earthquake response + download resources to share with your community

Urgent Support Needed with Map of Country

Turkey + Syria Earthquakes Response

Over 20,000 people have died in the devasting series of Earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria the morning of Monday, February 6, 2023.

Thousands have lost their homes and are sleeping on the streets, in tents, or in vehicles. Thousands of buildings have collapsed and others are not safe to enter. The affected region is so widespread that more teams and resources are needed to reach them all.

Food supplies and blankets are in very short supply. Looting has left stores empty and people concerned about how they will feed their families. Many are still waiting for rescue under the rubble of collapsed buildings. Plus, falling temperatures are creating a dangerous and potentially hypothermic environment for those who have nowhere to go.

Foursquare Turkey has moved quickly and decisively to mobilize relief efforts from several directions including getting mobile hygiene trucks, a mobile bakery, and a meal distribution truck to several areas. Foursquare Disaster Relief and Foursquare Missions International are actively coordinating efforts with local leaders to provide additional food, clothing, and medical support.

Ways to Get Involved



Pray for safety, continued mobilization of search + rescue, and ongoing care as thousands have been displaced and injured.

Prayer is a powerful + profound way you can help.



Your donation will go towards meeting practical needs like providing winter clothing, shelter, food + emergency services.



One of the best ways we gain traction is my getting more community members involved. Share this page with your church, friends + family or on social @foursquaredisasterrelief.


Use these resources to share with your church or community to partner with Foursquare Disaster Relief in responding to the earthquakes in Turkey + Syria.

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