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Urgent Support Needed with Map of Country

Turkey + Syria Earthquake Response

One year ago, Turkey and Syria were struck by a massive earthquake that would shape not only a year of struggle but also a year of ministry and hope. Here’s an account directly from a Foursquare team member in Turkey:

"As we approach the one-year mark, we can say with certainty that only a few organizations are still actively serving. It's disheartening to see that even though a year has passed since the earthquake, there are still families living in tents.

We continue to assist with the distribution of food and hygiene packages, addressing basic needs that remain constant.

As the anniversary approaches, people's needs haven't changed much. Disaster relief efforts require long-term commitment and consistency. I'm reminded of this as I reflect on the passing of a year since the earthquake.

The gospel is spreading, and we are witnessing spiritual growth. We've established three church communities! It's astounding to see what God has accomplished amid this disaster over the past year. I'm particularly amazed by the existence of a community of 15 people in my village, where I came to faith seven years ago amidst opposition due to my Christian beliefs.

God's work continues. We're eager to witness the fruition of the seeds planted in the early days of the disaster."

Ways to Get Involved



Pray for safety, rapid repair, and ongoing care for our Foursquare community.

Prayer is a powerful + profound way you can help.



Your donation to the Ready Fund will go towards meeting practical needs like providing supplies and temporary housing.



One of the best ways we gain traction is by getting more community members involved. Share this page with your church, friends + family or on social @foursquaredisasterrelief.

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