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Croatia Earthquake

Foursquare Disaster Relief and Croatia Foursquare responded quickly when a 6.4 Earthquake hit the region causing chaos and destruction for many of the lives in the community.

On December 29th, 2020, an earthquake of 6.4M hit central Croatia, near Petrinja.

Foursquare Disaster Relief connected with our regional church and learned that the earthquake had a devastating impact on the poor and elderly population in the region. Many homes were destroyed or deemed unsafe for people to reenter without repairs, forcing many people to sleep on the streets. The church was quick to respond and provide God's love in practical ways.

With Foursquare Disaster Relief's support, the church was able to act quickly and provide first aid, food, blankets, hygiene etc. As the church traveled to remote areas, they found more elderly in need and were able to help buy building materials and coordinate work teams to repair their homes. With FDR's support, they were able to help ten families and connect them to the local church.

Croatia Response Gallery

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