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Foursquare Disaster Relief Medical

Foursquare Disaster Relief Medical sends trained medical professionals to the field for short-term response to disaster and medical needs worldwide. "Serving others connects us and shows us what following Jesus is all about" - Volunteer, Juloveney Etienne.

Join Foursquare Disaster Relief's team of medical professionals! FDR Medical is unique in its ability to deploy quickly when disaster strikes. Foursquare has thousands of churches in more than 150 nations around the world. We can link with these churches and minister to the affected community by providing medical and spiritual care. FDR Medical commits to providing an organized, faith-based medical response to disaster and humanitarian needs.


Meeting Immediate Needs

When disaster strikes, FDR Medical can mobilize volunteers to organize supplies and provide medical aid quickly.


Providing Spiritual Care

FDR Medical team is able to incorporate a gospel message of peace and hope of Christ amidst disaster.


Establishing Long-term Solutions

During ongoing humanitarian crises, FDR remains steadfast with disaster relief medical services that survivors desperately need to rebuild.


On August 14, 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti claiming over 2200 lives and leaving approximately 650,000 people in need of humanitarian assistance. Multiple international organizations were part of the systematic response. A team of five US FDR Medical volunteers deployed to join seven Haitian medical professionals and 20 Haiti Foursquare Church volunteers for the disaster response. It was wonderful being a part of the local Foursquare Church in Haiti as we served and ministered to their hurting neighbors. Here are a few quotes from Haiti FDR Medical volunteers:

"Rebuilding and never giving up is what we've been learning in this time. Each patient received free medical attention, lab, and medications. Beautiful being able to be part of this Foursquare Disaster Relief project that has blessed hundreds of people who have lost everything."

"It was ten intense days at the epicenter of the earthquake in Haiti. We have seen many disasters and hunger, but we have found many people willing to rebuild. Haiti is a resilient country. Beautiful work, FDR Medical. Haiti needed you at this time."

"There were 1789 patients treated, and 195 people accepted Jesus. Thank you for allowing us to be part of this mission."

FDR's mission and vision is to come alongside, partner with, and equip the local church to bring relief and compassion amid disaster. It was humbling being a part of this team and witnessing the fulfillment of FDR's missiology. Haiti now has an excellent response team that includes Haiti Foursquare Church, five physicians and multiple other medical professionals who have become part of FDR Medical.



March 2023

Get Involved

Do you feel called to go with FDR Medical? After a disaster or humanitarian crisis, FDR Medical teams serve for a short-term response while partnering with the local churches around the world. The cost is $1200-1500 depending on location for field expenses plus airfare. Please don't wait. Join us today!

Partner with FDR Medical

Please donate to help with ongoing FDR Medical costs such as medical supplies, equipment, SAT phones, in-country translation, and transportation to get more FDR Medical professionals to the field.

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