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Project Nourish

Through Project Nourish, Foursquare Disaster Relief has touched countless lives, feeding people regularly and seeing many give their lives to Christ.

Project Nourish started as an initiative of Foursquare Disaster Relief in partnership with the regions Foursquare churches who wanted to end the starvation crisis in East Africa and has since grown to addressing the nutritional needs of people all around the world suffering from hunger whether it be from drought, famine, war and conflict, political challenges, COVID-19 impacts and so much more. 

In places like eastern Africa hunger has quickly become one of the worst in the world. Drought, civil war and obstructions to humanitarian aid have led to severe famine for around 20 million people. The sheer number has overwhelmed UN and local capacities, and these countries are rapidly running out of food. Whereas most children in the U.S. eat three times a day, children in these affected areas only eat once every three days! Our South Sudan National Leader tells us the daily reality for most families is “eat or die.”

Now, Foursquare Disaster Relief is engaged with Project Nourish in national all around the world helping with food responses in nations suffering as a result of COVID-19 economic impacts like Sri Lanka, India, South Sudan, Burundi, and Haiti to name a few. Project Nourish allows us to engage the Church in meeting food and nutritional needs of families, children, and entire communities as the Church reaches out with assistance in their time of need.


" We thank God for using us, The Foursquare Church, to make an impact. This is what Christianity should be all about: showing mercy to the needy."

John Kamanzi, Foursquare National Leader Uganda

Will you join with us in partnership in prayers and giving monthly to support the work of Project Nourish around the world with Foursquare Disaster Relief and local Foursquare Churches right now?

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Help us end the food crisis in East Africa.

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