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Project Sanctuary

As the refugee crisis around the world worsens, The Foursquare Church has an unprecedented opportunity to support our brothers and sisters as they care firsthand for those fleeing conflict, violence, political and religious persecution, famine, economic challenges and so much more.


Millions of refugees have traveled through different nations looking for safety, where some of them have chosen to settle while others have continued the trek to other countries. Foursquare Disaster Relief and our Foursquare churches in many of these nations continue to work in partnership to respond and minister to the needs we see with hope, care, and God's love. Refugees are now met at the border and in cities with an invitation of friendship and support.

In the early days of response to this need, FDR started an initiative called Project Sanctuary, with the mission to provide hope as these refugees entered foreign lands trying to create a new life. It was an open door for the Church to come alongside and deliver God's love during these refugees' most significant time of need. This movement of people and their needs has continued, and the Church has responded to the ongoing needs to expand well beyond our initial plans or dreams. 

Since the start, Foursquare Disaster Relief along with dozens of Foursquare National Churches around the world have provided hundreds of thousands of meals, clean water, shelter, and much-needed supplies in partnership with the local church. Local, regional pastors have prayed with many and expressed God's love through Jesus. Pray with us that God will continue to pour His love on the people. Amid horror and tragedy, may people of the region find hope, the gospel, and sanctuary.

Some of the current Project Sanctuary responses are in Colombia with Venezuelan refugees, Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan refugees in Turkey, Ukrainian refugees in Europe, Haitian refugees in Mexico, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda, Mexican refugees in the U.S. to name a few areas where refugees are being assisted.

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The needs are great, and we need your help! Partner with us to support the local Foursquare Churches minister to the refugees all around the world. Thank you for making a difference in so many lives. Please continue to pray that many will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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