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The Road to Hope

FDR launched The Road to Hope in 2019 after seeing many Venezuelan Refugees flee the region due to political tensions, hyperinflation, and food shortages. Since then, more than 5.6 million Venezuelans have left the country. FDR continues to partner with Colombian Foursquare Churches to bring hope.

Thanks to the efforts of Foursquare churches engaged in ground-level relief, many Venezuelan refugees who have come through Maicao, located near the border, have received hot meals, a pair of Road to Hope shoes, or a disaster kit. Sometimes, local church members help wayfarers with laundry, lodging or other personal needs like securing much-needed medication.

“Finding people where they are is an awesome testimony of the church going out and meeting people and not waiting for them to come in the church doors. It’s not just the pastor and a couple of key leaders. It’s everyone, from young people to grandparents.” - Chad Isenhart, Director of FDR 

The strength of Foursquare’s strategy is working through churches in Colombia because residents understand the culture, speak the same language as Venezuelans and are actively sending out relief teams to help refugees.

In addition to Colombian teams, FDR has partnered with half a dozen U.S. teams that have traveled to South America to help strategize, offer assistance and strengthen the local church for this mission.

We are so thankful for the Foursquare family worldwide, and we hope to continue being an encouragement to Venezuelan Refugees as they walk the Road to Hope.

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Road to Hope

Pray for families walking that God will provide safety and provision for every need.

Pray that people will meet Jesus on the road and experience healing from the trauma and grief.

Pray for long-lasting relationships built through the Colombian churches.

Partner with us in continued prayer and consider regularly giving to The Road to Hope.

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