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Turkey Wildfires

Through the hardship of the wildfires, doors opened for Foursquare Disaster Relief and Foursquare Turkey to support first responders and those who lost everything in the fire.

Fires erupted in the south of Turkey, burning homes, businesses, farmland, and livestock. Firefighters battled the flames alongside men and women from the community to help stop the blaze and save lives. Our Foursquare church in Turkey responded with a group of Foursquare relief workers from around the region. Partnering with Foursquare Disaster Relief, they brought vans full of supplies to the front lines supplying emergency first responders with food and water.

Later in the response, we provided families with spiritual care and new livestock. Through the hardship, doors opened to help many, giving God's love and grace to those looking for hope.

Turkey Wildfires Gallery

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