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This holiday season, help us respond to disasters when it matters most

Fundraising takes time — unless you stay prepared. With the Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) Ready Fund, we are always equipped to meet people in their greatest hour of need, getting critical supplies to disaster areas immediately


In the last year, we’ve responded through the Ready Fund to over 50 disasters each year in the last 3 years, which has doubled since 2019.

The strain of the Ukraine War, compounded with COVID-19, famine, drought, riots due to food insecurity, inflation, and ongoing war, has proven there is a huge need for us to act quickly, and the Ready Fund allows us to do that in a way other organizations can’t.


are "marching toward starvation" and experiencing “shock hunger”.


people in 38 countries are at emergency levels of hunger.


people face moderate or severe difficulty obtaining enough to eat.


children under the age of five were suffering from wasting, the deadliest form of malnutrition.


Staying ready has saved lives!

The Ready Fund is a pool of resources that enables responders and local churches to rapidly respond to emergencies around the world. Together with Ready Fund Partners like you, we haven’t been bogged down by logistical issues to get aid where it is desperately needed or wait to raise funds before we can respond. Thanks to our partners, we’re able to act quickly and effectively, and that has made all the difference.

How it works


Stay Prepared

Our Ready Fund Partners have been essential in allowing us to respond as quickly as possible. They give a monthly contribution between $25 and $500 to ensure the resources are available wherever and whenever disaster strikes.


Rapid Response

As soon as a disaster or crisis occurs, we mobilize a response utilizing funds and responders to meet the most urgent needs of those affected — food, water, shelter, and medicine. Often, more lives are lost in the aftermath of a disaster than in the disaster itself because people can no longer meet their basic needs. Our Ready Fund Partners help us minimize that damage by allowing quick and effective response immediately.


Equip Long-Term

Disaster recovery is a long process, sometimes taking years. With Ready Fund relief in place, we are jumpstarting that process and helping those affected get back on their feet as soon as possible.

The Ready Fund in Action

Thanks to our Ready Fund Partners, we’ve been able to get aid to our neighbors in their darkest hour and greatest time of need. We’ve responded to dire situations all over the world, bringing the hope and the love of Jesus to everyone we encounter, often through the local church. Bridging the gap between the proclamation of Jesus and the demonstration of Jesus' love and compassion in tangible ways. 

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ida

Ukraine War

Venezuelan Crisis Response

COVID-19 hunger crisis

Adopt a Pastor

Project Nourish

Myanmar crisis response

Winterset Iowa tornado

We would love to live in a world where we aren’t needed, but that isn’t going to happen. So, with your help, we’ll continue to be vigilant and prepared to be the first hand to reach out when disasters fall.

Responses to disasters each year since 2019 (200 total since 2019)
of churches mobilized in the midst of disasters to respond to their community
in ready fund raised
of people given their lives to Christ as a result of the Church bringing hope in the midst of peoples darkest hour and greatest time of need
dollars have been multiplied because of the use of volunteers in churches helping with response

The greatest gift you can give is helping others. Join the Ready Fund and together, let’s help more people than ever before.

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