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Stories from Ukraine

While Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to rage on, Foursquare Disaster Relief team, in partnership with Foursquare Missions International, are remaining steady with relief efforts. Teams are currently on the ground helping in Poland, Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, and Romania, helping refugees continue to have their basic needs met including safety, shelter, food, and water. We are grateful to be able to provide support to these refugees in a time of extreme need.

Every day, we have heard stories of people going out of their way for the sake of kindness and generosity. Hope is alive in the midst of challenging situations, and that has rung true here, too. Take a look at some of the many ways your donations have supported our efforts for Ukrainian Refugees.

Alexandr’s Story

Alexandr, a member of one of our Foursquare churches in Kyiv, shares with us his journey to the border with his wife and child and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. After Alexandr and his family made it to the Ukraine border, a government order had been enacted that all males between the ages of 18 and 60 were not allowed to go through the border. Turning back, they had to return to their village which was another 3 hours away. Since this video, this leader and his family found safety in a neighboring country.

God Provided A House in Bratislava

God provided a large empty house in Bratislava that just so happens to be within walking distance from an FMI Workers home. The house has capacity for around 30 refugees. There is a family with 5 kids who were able to receive quick access to housing because of this house!

Because of the financial support from our Foursquare community and donors, we were able to supply beds, bedding, food, water, and other necessary supplies. Additionally, Ukrainian students in Bratislava are fixing up this house for them by cleaning, taking care of repairs, setting up beds, and more. It has been incredible to watch how workers have stepped up to prepare this home for those who truly need it.

150 Meals Delivered in Kyiv

A Foursquare Church in Germany worked with several partner organizations to gather grain, meat, and potatoes from Western Ukraine into Kyiv to distribute to families in need. FDR was able to provide financial support to this initiative, through your faithful giving, to deliver food to 150 families in Kyiv, Ukraine!

Students Process the War

An FMI worker in Krakow, Poland teaches Ukrainian students, more of which are arriving each day. He recalls that he felt “punched in the stomach” when he came upon refugees finding shelter and safety in the sports complex that his kids take swimming lessons in. He said, “Sometimes the feeling of wanting to burst into tears is completely healthy and needed.” The signs below were made by kids at school in an effort to try to process the war and what has happened.

FMI Workers Personally Deliver Supplies in Ukraine

Our FMI workers in Slovakia made quite a journey this week. The goal was to make the trek from Slovakia to Ukraine, to deliver a van full of supplies and 50 mattresses. We are so proud of City Church of Bratislava, Pezinok and International, and our global partners who have stepped up to show their extreme generosity and support. Not to mention, the bravery and courage of the FMI workers who risked their life in order to deliver these supplies.

Please continue to pray for protection, safe passage through the border, and courage and wisdom in their travels.

Transitional Housing Donated for Refugees

Foursquare Missions International in partnership with FDR has a team on the ground in Cluj, Romania where housing needs are in demand. Over 200 individuals from Ukraine have come into our care so far: 35 of those being with us still and additional buses of refugees continuing to arrive.

So far, we have 9 apartments that have been donated for 3 months, a church with 2 apartments, and a house with 13 rooms for most of the volunteers and staff. We also just retained a former hotel with 13 rooms. We are in awe of what God has done so far.

Please pray that we continue to find housing for those who continue to arrive in need of shelter and safety!

A Thank You to our Donors

These are just some of the many stories that have come as result of our Ukrainian Refugee Response. These stories of hope are only possible because of our worldwide Foursquare Family who continue to blow us away with generosity, faithful giving, and support.

To all of our donors: you are part of a movement of love and breakthrough for families who have been affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine. Because of YOU, refugees are brought to safety, those in need are fed, and more love is spread in the midst of a dark situation.

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