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Urgent Help Needed: Learn More about Ukrainian Refugee Response

Completed Projects

Foursquare Disaster Relief has responded through wars, wildfires, storms, and explosions. Here are some past projects that have changed the world, by sharing the tangible love of Christ.

Croatia Earthquake

December 29, 2020

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near Petrinja, Croatia, about 30 miles southeast of the capital of Zagreb. Foursquare Disaster Relief and the Croatia Foursquare Church quickly brought aid to the community impacted.

Texas Storm

February 11, 2021

A winter storm brought snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures to Texas, causing road closures, power outages, heat loss, broken pipes, and many in the region in crisis. Foursquare Disaster Relief and local churches quickly responded.

Turkey Wildfires

August 3, 2021

Fast-moving wildfires erupted in Turkey’s south, burning homes and businesses, spreading to farmland and killing livestock. In partnership, Foursquare Disaster relief and the Foursquare Turkish churches jumped in to respond and support the community in the disaster.

Urgent Causes

Save the Futures World

Do you feel called to go where the need is greatest? We always have volunteer opportunities available for you to go and make an impact in the U.S, and throughout the world.

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