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Current Responses

We are actively partnered with local Foursquare leaders + churches to respond to these recent disasters. When you give to the Ready Fund, this is where your generosity goes.

Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl, the earliest recorded Category 5 storm in the Atlantic hurricane season, has wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, South and Central America. Now advancing up the Gulf Coast into central Texas, it has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives since it began in late June. The devastation includes widespread displacement, severe damage to infrastructure, and significant loss of life. FDR is actively partnering with national and local Foursquare leaders in affected regions to facilitate need assessment, disaster preparedness support, and active response. Currently, our FDR Medical team is in Jamaica, conducting a medical clinic and food distribution.

Iowa Tornadoes

Pastor Rebecca Hornback didn’t hesitate when she saw her community in Iowa needed help after the recent tornado. She shared her experience with us in a moment of true Christ-like compassion, “God is our protector and provider, and in these moments over the last three weeks, I’ve realized that WE can be that for others. Doing this work reminds people they’re not forgotten—they’re valued and loved.”

Brazil Floods

Our hearts break for the Brazilian people affected by the catastrophic flooding. We are in continual communication with Foursquare Brazil and Foursquare Missions International to coordinate our relief efforts. Resources are being sent to Foursquare Brazil to support their response.

Oklahoma Tornadoes

In late April 2024, the Foursquare Central District faced an unprecedented series of severe weather events, with over 127 tornadoes reported across North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri. The impact of these storms has been profound, causing extensive damage to numerous communities and towns, leading to loss of life, multiple injuries, and significant damage to homes and businesses.

Our local resources are stretched thin, working tirelessly to assess the situation, support immediate needs, and respond to the ongoing crisis.

Ukraine Response

Over the last two years, Foursquare Disaster Relief has partnered closely with its European Foursquare churches and FMI workers to respond to Russia's war against Ukraine by providing food and life-saving essentials.

The war is not over, and the people of Ukraine and our partners in Europe continue to need financial support, support, and prayer.

Democratic Republic of Congo

For over two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has suffered from relentless civil war, resulting in unspeakable violence and oppression. 6.3 million have been displaced internally and 1 million forced to flee the country.

Foursquare Disaster Relief is partnered with the local national Foursquare church to provide refugees with medical care, food, and ongoing care.

Turkey Earthquakes

One year ago, Turkey and Syria were struck by a massive earthquake that would shape not only a year of struggle but also a year of ministry and hope. Here’s an account directly from a Foursquare team member in Turkey:

"As we approach the one-year mark, we can say with certainty that only a few organizations are still actively serving. It's disheartening to see that even though a year has passed since the earthquake, there are still families living in tents.

Ongoing Projects

While some disasters require a specific and immediate response, others require continual, ongoing support. There are places in the world where our continued presence and assistance is essential to the people we serve there.

Foursquare Disaster Relief Medical

FDR Medical is our dedicated medical response team. This team consists of doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals who use their knowledge and expertise to bring healing to communities worldwide.

FDR Medical is unique in its ability to deploy when disaster strikes. Foursquare has thousands of churches in more than 150 nations around the world. We link with these churches and minister to the affected community by providing medical and spiritual care, and we need YOU! Please reach out to us if you have medical professionals in your church or if you are a medical professional yourself. There is also opportunities for volunteers without medical backgrounds to serve as logisticians, pastoral care, setup and tear down assistant and much more.

Project Water

More than 884 million people don’t have access to safe drinking water. Clean water is essential for survival. And yet, after a crisis, it is one of the most common and urgent needs. Even when there is no active disaster, 446,000 children die annually from diarrhea, caused mainly by unsafe drinking water.

Join Foursquare Disaster Relief’s water initiative, Project Water. During disasters and crisis one of the first things to be impacted is peoples access to and safe drinking water. Project Water focuses on providing fresh, clean water through several different systems when disaster strikes. Water is life!

Project Nourish

The refugee crisis in Eastern Africa has quickly become one of the worst in the world. Drought, civil war and obstructions to humanitarian aid have led to severe famine for 20 million people.

Project Nourish is an initiative of Foursquare Disaster Relief in partnership with the Foursquare churches in the region who want to end the starvation crisis in East Africa.

COVID-19 Hunger Crisis Response

Right now, the world is in crisis mode. The global economic impact of COVID-19 has doubled the number of people at risk of starvation since the pandemic began, soaring to a staggering 811 million. Though the availability of the global food supply has remained intact, accessibility has plummeted, primarily due to a lack of income and the increase in food cost. Supply chain disruptions and increased demand created scarcity in many world regions, driving up prices.

Foursquare Disaster Relief’s COVID-19 Hunger Crisis Response sends desperately needed relief to local pastors in our global Foursquare family, enabling them to provide relief to their starving communities.

Completed Projects

Here you will find all of the past relief projects FDR has participated in along with information on how and where aid was deployed. This is an inspirational archive of the FDR projects and the communities we’ve helped rebuild.


A passion for helping people combined with the right training is a powerful thing. Come learn from national and international relief experts during one of our many special training events throughout the year.


Do you feel called to ease suffering and spread the hope of Christ? Sign up to volunteer through the link below and we’ll send you opportunities to serve in the US and around the world. 

Are you a medical professional?

There is always an acute need for trained medical personnel in disaster areas. Injuries and sickness inevitably follow when disaster strikes, and often there simply aren’t enough qualified people to treat those who need it.

Join our list of medical volunteers to be eligible for regular relief trips and dedicated medical missions.

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