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Disaster Projects

Foursquare Disaster Relief is a nonprofit organization that sends much-needed supplies and volunteers to our partner churches located in disaster areas all around the globe.

Ukrainian Refugee Response

On February 24, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the eastern territory of Donbas. Life has been turned upside down for the 44 million Ukrainians in the days that have passed. With a constant threat of gunfire, explosions, and missiles, Ukrainians are fleeing the place they call home. Over a million people have already left, and millions more will be displaced by this war.

Foursquare Disaster Relief is working closely with its European Foursquare churches and FMI workers to respond swiftly to Russia’s was against Ukraine by providing food and life-saving essentials.

Turkey + Syria Earthquakes

Over 11,00 people have died in the aftermath of a series of earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria Monday morning, February 6, 2023. Thousands are in urgent need of safety, shelter, food and winter clothing as freezing temperatures pose a hypothermic threat. Our teams are currently on the ground partnering with Foursquare Turkey to bring mobile kitchens + supplies to those in need. Urgent support + donation is needed.

South Sudan Refugees

In South Sudan, a deeply troubling human rights and humanitarian crisis continues to escalate. As of 2023, the situation has worsened due to the ongoing effects of prolonged conflict, intercommunal violence, and significant food shortages. This has resulted in 2.2 million people being internally displaced, making this the world’s fourth most neglected displacement crisis.

Currently, over 9 million individuals urgently need basic necessities like food and shelter.

Persecution of Christians in Nigeria

The ongoing violence in Nigeria’s Middle Belt and North Central Region is deeply troubling, with relentless attacks on Christian communities claiming thousands of lives annually. These incessant attacks not only disrupt farming and economic activities but also lead to widespread kidnappings, leaving families destitute.

Foursquare Disaster Relief, in partnership with Foursquare Nigeria, is offering food, shelter, and financial support to displaced community members and local churches. Our partnership seeks to revitalize those who have suffered persecution, providing a beacon of Christ’s hope amid devastation.

Myanmar Response

February 1, 2021 

The ongoing military coup in Myanmar, paired with the ravages of a global pandemic, has left its people in dire need. Through partnership with 100 local Foursquare Churches, Foursquare Disaster Relief continues to provide food, such as fish, veggies, pasta and rice, to help the people hiding in their homes and the jungle.

Kazakhstan Floods

Massive floods triggered by snowmelt and heavy rains have wreaked havoc across Kazakhstan. Over 100,000 people have been evacuated and extensive damage has been reported across multiple regions. It is the country’s largest emergency in the past 75 years and a state of emergency has been officially declared.

Join us in supporting the people of Kazakhstan through prayer as they navigate through these floodwaters.

Hurricane Ida

August 26, 2021

Hurricane Ida made landfall on the Louisiana coast as a Category 4 hurricane and continued northwest, leaving New Orleans without power and communities flooded and with significant wind damage. Foursquare Disaster Relief immediately mobilized a response through our incredible Louisiana Foursquare churches.


Hurricane Ian

With the help of our Foursquare Family, FDR’s Ready Fund enabled partnership with several local Foursquare churches, regional partners, and FDR responders to unite and serve our churches affected by Hurricane Ian.

Hawaii Fires

As a result of wildfires on multiple islands, our Foursquare family is facing unimaginable destruction, with lives lost, homes destroyed, and families displaced. As the flames rage on, we urgently need your prayers and support.

Reports from the Foursquare Pacific District have shared that two churches have been directly impacted and several Foursquare members have lost their homes.

Our team is actively organizing relief efforts in collaboration with Foursquare Pacific DistrictFoursquare Chaplains, and local Foursquare leaders to provide aid.

Democratic Republic of Congo

For over two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered from relentless civil war, resulting in unspeakable violence and oppression. Especially targeting women, this violence perpetuates a cycle of endless suffering, displacing 6.3 million internally and forcing 1 million to flee the country. Approximately 6 million have died since 1996. Alongside this conflict, the country faces a historic natural disaster: torrential rains causing the Congo River to swell, displacing around 500,000 people, including our Foursquare family.

Afghan Refugee Response

September 9, 2021

Life is grim in Afghanistan as the Taliban reasserts control. Despite their public commitment to remain moderate, we see signs of returning to historic hard-line rule. Many people within the country now find themselves in danger: women, Christians, and anyone who may have aided a foreign power during the occupation. We are working closely with our Foursquare churches in Albania and Turkey to help refugees who left their country with only the clothes on their backs.

Tonga Earthquake & Tsunami

On January 15, Tonga had one of the strongest volcanic eruptions on record for the last 140 years. This caused tsunami waves and pressure waves for 6 days following the eruption. As a result, ash and sulfur has spread throughout the island causing massive issues for crops and loss of food for this harvest. Additionally, many individuals weren't able to work and had lost their crops. 

FDR was able to step in, with partnership alongside our Foursquare churches in Tonga, to provide food boxes to families who were impacted by the volcano. Movement has been hard due to COVID-19 restrictions, but the boxes of food has helped sustain families with COVID-19 challenges and impacts from the volcano.

People have been ministered to and are seeing Jesus' love and compassion because of the assistance being given.

South Sudan

South Sudan has been in civil war since its independence as a new nation in 2011. Since then the violence has continued displacing millions and causing major roadblocks with the nation's development. This has made it almost impossible for many to work, create businesses, and develop as a new nation. In addition to this, drought and crop loss have devastated communities who are always on the move. Currently, over 8 million South Sudanese are in need of humanitarian aid including many children.

FDR has been assisting and providing aid to refugees in South Sudan and Uganda with for over 5 years. Much of our help is focused on food security for families with no regular source of food available to them.

Recently, we have partnered with our churches to provide seed to help families begin to develop their land and create a sustainable food source. Pray with us for safety for these families and that they would not be impacted by fighting and drought.


Winterset Iowa

On March 7, a F4 tornado hit Winterset, Iowa devastating over 70 miles of the state.

Along with our Winterset Foursquare Church, FDR stepped in to help the community. FDR responders from around the country were sent to support the relief needs with debris cleanup, distribution, church and home cleanup, and providing spiritual and emotional care for people impacted by the tornado.

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